بسم الله    ما شاء الله    تبارك الله     الحمد لله

Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai
  • Haj Service in Chennai

Approved by the Government of India & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

இது என் ரப்பு கொடுத்த அருட்கொடை என்னை சோதிப்பதற்காக...

* Payment/Cancellation Policy

1. Booking will not be done until advance had been paid. An advance amount for haj Rs: 50,000/- and balance amount for the selected package must be paid before the fifteenth day of ramadan for your full payment, after that only we can proceed next step process (if payment is delayed, the company is at its liberty to allow the seat to other pilgrims.

2. No cash and d.d payment is allowed.

3. You are requested to pay the amount only through online payment or debit/credit card or cheque or rtgs. Cheque should be in favour of SHA HAJ SERVICE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. You can pay your selected package amount in terms of 10 dues maximum. All payments should be routed through the banking account of the pilgrims only, as per the rules of MINISTRY OF MINORITY AFFAIRS.

4. If there is any new charge applicable in the haj rule of saudi government or moallim fee or transportation fee or visa fare or any individual insurance applicable or any change in riyal value or air ticket fare for the current haj year, then the haji should pay the additional amount so required before departure. Further, all the taxes allotted by both India and the saudi government should be paid separately.

5. You are paying only through your liking, conflicts with reference to other haj service and haji’s should not be made.

6. No cash payment or blank cheque should be given in anybody’s name or to anyone, who states that he is in our company. Our company is not responsible for such conditions.

7. No printed bill copies will be provided. Bill’s will be sent through your registered mobile number via sms, registered e-mail id and registered user id only.

8. After registration, you have to submit all the necessary documents (application, photos, original passport) and also individual pan card xerox copies with signature on it to the registration office within 7 working days only. If it is delayed your booking will be cancelled automatically. Provider if you have any gst number in your name.

9. For cancellation of booking before visa stamping, our service charge of Rs. 25,000/- will be deducted, the balance amount will be refunded by cheque only. For cancellation of booking after visa stamping, the service charge of 80% will be deducted from the selected package amount, balance amount will be refunded only as cheque after completing the haj season. (These charges are non-refundable and cannot be adjusted either).

10. If the journey is cancelled by the applicant or by our management, the passport and other documents will be given after receiving the original receipt and the remaining balance given by cheque only to the respective applicant or nominee. (excluding cancellation charges).

11. In case of the sudden death of any haji before departure, it should be informed to the management immediately. The amount paid by that particular haji will be refunded as cheque only (excluding cancellation charges) to the nominee of the respective haji.

12. In case of cheque return, the cheques will be given in the name of respective individual haji name (only as per given name mentioned in your passport) and will not be returned in any other form of names irrespective of the name with which you paid us.


1. Infants below 2 years will have a concession in the flight ticket as per airline policy. Also, infants below 2 years will have a concession in the local Saudi transportation as per the saudi transport syndicate norms.

2. For children above 2 years will be the same rate as adult.


1. The first payment should be done mandatorily through online payment only.

2. Further payments should be through two modes of payment- either cheque or rtgs only.

3. Avoid online payment for the second time because the payment gateway charges are at a high cost.

4. If the second payment is done through online, then the payment gateway charges will be deducted from your side.

I hereby declare, that i accept and pay the selected package amount of rs: _____/-; and additional amount of gst rs: _____/-; And i also ensure that i am ready to pay, if any additional charges occur as mentioned above.

Haj Service in Chennai Haj Service in Chennai